As a recreational angler and boat owner, I became dismayed at the lack of quality and affordability in the marketplace. I’ve owned numerous center consoles but they suffered from a lack of fishability, fit and finish. They were also not built to last, which was what American products used to represent. I am connected to the charter fishing community and all of the guides told me that they needed a boat that could take their daily abuse while remaining a beautiful and functional fishing machine. I decided to solve this problem and become a builder of boats.

As a semi-custom boat builder, we set out to build boats that can easily withstand the abuse of full-time fishing guides and commercial fishermen. Our boats are built to fish hard every day of the year and in the toughest of conditions – and to come out the other end as pretty as could be.

Our construction standards have been validated by professional captains. We proudly provide the recreational fisherman with a proven fishing machine that has been endorsed by the harshest critics. Our focus is quality, affordability and longevity.

Whether you order your Latitude Tournament Boat to serve as a work boat or a family/pleasure boat, it would be my privilege to build you the last boat you’ll ever need.

Dooper Dold
Owner and LTB Ambassador